VISION: Transforming Lives

MISSION: To add values to lives and to liberate souls from the kingdom of darkness Eph 4


1. To reach the unreached in an unconventional way

2. To help build spiritual life of members

3. To build members to full maturity in faith

4. To liberate souls through the demonstration of God power

5. To promote an atmosphere of oneness and acceptability

6. To build the community in all ramifications through provision of grants, building of schools, rehabilitation of abuse ladies and boys, building of community clinics and empowerment programs for the Jobless.

CORE VALUES: Integrity, Commitment and Excellence

SLOGAN: Only the BEST is good for me

OUR STRATEGIES: Reaching, Retaining, Reproducing

REACHING: to embark to the greatest commission given by our Lord Jesus by reaching out to the un-reach in southern Africa and across the globe in an unconventional way through every resource at our disposal

RETAINING: To effectively provide sound biblical teachings in building members and growing them to the full stature in Christ Jesus. These will be achieved through intensive teaching programs, effective prayer meetings, quality worship services, seminars, Christian social gatherings, games, follow up, newsletters, counseling, benevolence, and as the spirit may lead.

REPRODUCING: Apostle Paul instructed Pastor Timothy in the pastoral epistle to commit what he has learn to able hands who is faithful and committed to teach others and grow them to maturity. This is where the members grows into workers, ministers and on and on for the expansion of the church and the kingdom of God at large.

Furthermore, the reproducing system sees to the recruitment and training of qualified individuals to become evangelist, Pastors, Missionaries, Church Planters, and General workers in the assembly.